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MegaMerchant connects your brand with global marketplaces.

Thanks to our global business partnerships and expert team, we accelerate and facilitate the expansion of brands abroad, while eliminating the need for investment. As Turkey’s first E-export Consortium, we offer an e-export platform that covers the entire process from production to the end consumer end-to-end.

MegaMerchant will be responsible for all criteria under Decision No. 5986, becoming Turkey’s first E-Export Consortium.
MegaMerchant has met all the criteria under Decision No. 5986, becoming Turkey’s first E-Export Consortium.

Our Brands

With the ready-made e-export infrastructure set up by MegaMerchant, your brand can enter global markets quickly and easily without the need for additional investment, avoiding complex logistics processes, language barriers, and regulatory procedures.

With MegaMerchant’s expert team in e-export logistics processes, content creation, digital marketing, and account management; you can sell your products on global marketplaces and strengthen your brand and products on the international stage.

Our Work Model

We buy the products, and you benefit from our e-export infrastructure and technology without paying a fixed fee.

We Purchase Your Products
We Store Closest to the Customer
We Launch in the Right Marketplace
We Monitor Competition, Increase Our Market Share
We Grow Together in New Markets 🚀
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Global Marketplace

Your E-Export Business Partner

Thanks to our interconnected warehouses around the world, we ensure the storage of products, their reach to the end consumer, and stock control.

Integration & Technology

We use various technological instruments and integrations to effectively manage our accounts, stock status, prices, and listings. We have automated all constant and recurring tasks, enabling us to achieve bigger tasks with less effort.


With product-specific marketing strategies, we regularly increase sales while reducing advertising costs during this process.

Payment Systems

We use digital payment accounts accepted by integrated marketplaces and our active bank accounts.


At every stage of e-export, we act in accordance with the rules of marketplaces or country legislations.


Thanks to the E-Export Consortium status recognized by the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey, we enable brands to benefit from e-export incentives.

Product & Brand Management

We use interconnected tools to monitor the development of products and brands over time and to generate appropriate strategies.

Content Design

We create listings according to the working principles of search engines to increase product visibility. We also produce the most suitable visual content with tested methods to increase consumers' purchase rates.

Integration & Technology
Payment Systems
Product & Brand Management
Content Design
İçerik Tasarımı

Ürün görünürlüğünü arttırmak için arama motorlarının çalışma prensiplerine uygun listelemeler yaratıyoruz. Tüketicilerin satın alma oranlarını arttırmak için de sınanmış metotlarla en uygun görsel içerikleri üretiyoruz.

Entegrasyon & Teknoloji

Hesaplarımızı, stok durumunu, fiyatları, listelemeleri efektif olarak yönetebilmek için çeşitli teknolojik enstrümanlar ve entegrasyonlar kullanıyoruz. Sürekli ve tekrar eden işlerin tamamını otomatize ettik. Bu sayede daha az efor sarfederek daha büyük işler başarabiliyoruz.

Ürüne özel pazarlama stratejileri ile satışları düzenli arttırıp bu süreçte reklam maliyetlerini düşürüyoruz.
Ödeme Sistemleri

Entegre olunan pazaryerlerince kabul gören dijital ödeme hesaplarını ve aktif banka hesaplarımızı kullanıyoruz.


E-ihracatın her etabında pazaryerlerinin kurallarına veya ülke mevzuatlarına uygun bir biçimde hareket ediyoruz.


Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Ticaret Bakanlığı’nın tanıdığı E-İhracat Konsorsiyumu statüsü sayesinde markaların e-ihracat teşviklerinden yararlanabilmesini sağlıyoruz.

Ürün & Marka Yönetimi

Ürünlerin ve markaların zaman içerisindeki gelişimini izleyip buna uygun stratejiler üretebilmek adına birbirlerine entegre araçlar kullanıyoruz.

Digital Content Production

We produce e-commerce product descriptions that are localized and SEO-compliant in more than 10 languages, including English, German, Russian, Polish, and Chinese; we conduct design processes by taking photos that reflect the quality of your products and strengthen the image of your brand.

Premium A+ Content
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20+ Brand Pages
10 Languages

E-commerce Advertising Solutions: Amazon Ads and Other Platforms

We help you achieve successful results by creating a customized advertising strategy in line with your brand’s goals; we optimize the performance of your advertising campaigns by monitoring them daily. In this way, we increase your competitiveness while reducing the budget spent on advertising. As an Amazon Ads Verified Partner, we make professional and effective advertising investments to achieve success on Amazon with our partners. Thanks to our expert team in in-platform ad management, we ensure that advertising investments reach results on platforms such as Etsy, Joom, Allegro, Walmart, eBay and AliExpress.

Success Stories

With MegaMerchant’s expert team in e-export logistics processes, content creation, digital marketing, and account management; you can sell your products on global marketplaces and strengthen your brand and products on the international stage.

English Home

We started to sell the products of the English Home brand, which sells home textile products in hundreds of stores in Turkey and abroad, in a total of 12 marketplaces in Europe and America. The English Home brand is now regularly searched by customers on Amazon.

Dimalaminasyon x Home Sense

Producing laminated products in the home textile category in Istanbul, Dimalamination's products are sold in Europe and America under MegaMerchant's Home Sense brand. Although the competition in the category is great, the Home Sense brand is increasing its market share day by day with the advertising optimizations we have carried out.

Beauty Tapes

Earlap product, which enables people with prominent ear problems to overcome this situation, has been opened to overseas marketplaces through MegaMerchant. In less than six months, Earlap has become the category leader on and

We Aid in Production and Co-create Brands

Fine home decor.

We flawlessly blend the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship skills of Anatolia with modernity. We meticulously work on each design down to the finest detail and produce long-lasting pieces.

The essence of home.

With HomeSense, which combines functionality, aesthetics and quality, we have made it our mission to offer all home needs to our customers at affordable prices by eliminating intermediaries.

Art in every thread.

Citrine combines the timeless charm of Turkish tradition with modern designs, creating works that tell stories of vibrant markets, sun-drenched beaches and Mediterranean evenings.

Success Stories

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