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You are in the right place to start selling or increase your sales on AliExpress! MegaMerchant provides the services you need to present your brand to AliExpress’s large and diverse customer base. Take your place in the global market by bringing your products to millions of customers on AliExpress.

Start Selling on AliExpress

Do you want to deliver your products to customers around the world? MegaMerchant is the solution you are looking for, as AliExpress has a large audience! MegaMerchant provides a platform that enables Turkish brands and manufacturers to enter the global market by integrating with the world’s leading marketplaces such as AliExpress. Take action with MegaMerchant to deliver your products to customers around the world on AliExpress. By using our services, you can promote your brand in the international arena and expand your customer base.

Services We Provide
Product Listing and Optimization

We apply an effective optimization process when listing your products on AliExpress. We organize product titles, descriptions and keywords in accordance with search engine optimization (SEO) principles. Thus, by increasing the visibility of your products, we enable you to reach more potential customers.

Sales Strategy Development

We analyze your products and competitors to develop a successful sales strategy on AliExpress. We support you in determining your target audience, pricing strategies, competitive analysis and market research. Thus, with the right strategies, you can increase your sales and gain competitive advantage.

AliExpress Promotions

We ensure that you attract customer attention by using the promotions and campaigns offered by AliExpress. We help you increase your sales by correctly managing promotions such as special discounts (important platform campaigns such as Flash Deals, 11.11 and Black Friday), coupons, free shipping. In this way, you can attract more customers and increase your sales.

Custome Relations Management

We offer customer relationship management services for you to prioritize customer satisfaction. We support you in answering customer questions, resolving complaints and providing positive customer experiences. Thanks to customer satisfaction, you can create customer loyalty and get repeat customers.

Logistics and Shipping Management

We manage the logistics of your products and organize your worldwide shipments. We take care of the logistics processes for you, while ensuring that orders reach customers on time and safely. Thus, you can gain the trust of your customers and offer a better shopping experience.

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

We closely follow your competitors and trends in the AliExpress market. By conducting market research and competitive analysis, we guide you in choosing the right product and pricing strategies. Thus, you can gain a competitive advantage and better appeal to your target audience.

Sales Data Analytics and Reporting

We analyze your sales performance and provide you with detailed reports. By analyzing sales data, we follow trends and help you determine your future strategies. With data analytics, you can optimize your sales and achieve more stable growth.

Customer Feedback Management

Managing customer reviews and feedback is important for increasing your brand’s reputation and credibility. We increase customer satisfaction and protect your brand reputation by monitoring customer feedback, highlighting positive feedback and responding quickly to negative feedback.

Brand Protection with Trademark Registration

We help you protect your brand’s rights on AliExpress. While carrying out the brand registration process, we ensure that counterfeit products and copyrights are monitored and we solve any problems you may experience during the process of your brand on AliExpress.

Affiliate Marketing Management

We create a product-specific marketing strategy with AliExpress Affiliate Marketing management. We analyze the target audience, choose the right affiliate programs and offer a professional management experience.

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