Start Selling on Allegro

Want to start selling on Allegro, Poland’s leading marketplace? MegaMerchant provides all the necessary services to present your brand to Allegro’s large customer base. Take action to increase your sales and grow your brand in the Polish market.

Start Selling on Allegro

Do you want to deliver your products to customers around the world? Because Allegro has a large audience, MegaMerchant is the solution you are looking for! MegaMerchant provides a platform that enables Turkish brands and manufacturers to enter the global market by integrating them with the world’s leading marketplaces such as Allegro. Take action with MegaMerchant to deliver your products to customers around the world on Allegro. By using our services, you can promote your brand in the international arena and expand your customer base.

Services We Provide
Polish Product Download

On the Allegro platform, we upload your products in the local language, Polish. We optimize product titles, descriptions and keywords to match the needs of the local market. Thus, we communicate better with the target audience of the products and accelerate the sales of the product.

Content Production Suitable for Platform Algorithm

We produce content in accordance with Allegro’s platform algorithm. We create compelling content that highlights your product descriptions, features and benefits.

Price and Inventory Management

We follow the price and inventory management processes professionally on the Allegro platform. We provide rapid growth by performing competitor analysis, determining competitive prices and optimizing your inventory management processes, meeting customer demands in the best way and managing stock status correctly.

Logistics Service to Poland at Affordable Prices

We offer logistics services to the Polish market at affordable prices. We send your products to our warehouses at affordable costs and manage the logistics processes on your behalf, such as the collection, packaging and shipping of orders. Thus, we provide fast and reliable delivery to customers and grow your brand & products quickly.

Poland Market Analysis

We analyze the Polish market on Allegro in detail. After following the market trends, analyzing the competition and determining the most suitable marketing strategies for you, we create product and product strategies that will gain a competitive advantage in the Polish market and move forward in this direction.

Coupon Discount Management

By using coupon discounts effectively on the Allegro platform, we create special discount coupons and deliver these coupons to the right target audience and accelerate sales.

Platform Campaigns

We follow the platform campaigns so that your product can get the maximum benefit from the campaigns organized on Allegro’s platform, ensure your participation in the most suitable campaigns and help you increase your sales in these campaigns.

Platform Ad Management

We professionally manage your product-specific advertising management processes on Allegro. We create targeted advertising strategies, effectively use your advertising budget and analyze your advertising performance. Thus, we deliver your products to more customers and increase your brand awareness.

Polish Customer Support

We provide Polish customer support on the Allegro platform. Responds to customer questions, requests and complaints quickly and effectively. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strengthen your brand image.

Sales Reporting

We report your sales on Allegro in detail and present them to you. We help you determine your future strategies by analyzing sales data and following trends. Thus, we aim to optimize your sales performance and maximize your growth potential.

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