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If you want to start selling or increase your sales in global marketplaces, you are in the right place. With our experienced team, we are at your side with our special solutions and strategies to put your brand on sale in the world’s largest online market or to increase your sales! Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the high traffic and huge competitive market of global marketplaces and contact us to grow your business.

Start Selling on Amazon

Do you want to deliver your products to customers around the world? MegaMerchant is the solution you are looking for! MegaMerchant offers a platform that enables Turkish brands and manufacturers to enter the global market by integrating them with the world’s leading marketplaces. Take action with MegaMerchant to deliver your products to customers around the world. By using our services, you can promote your brand in the international arena and expand your customer base.

Services We Provide
Title and Content Production with Keywords

In order to make your products easier to find on Amazon, we analyze keywords and use these words in the title and content of your products, which we create in the local language, so that the products grow quickly. Thus, your products rank higher in the search results and reach more customers.

A+ Content

We offer A+ Content service to make your products more attractive and attract customers’ attention. Our professional content team creates impressive and visually rich content that tells the features, advantages and story of your products, increasing the conversion rate and increasing the shopping experience of the customers.

Deals (Lightning, Best Deal)

We enable the rapid growth of products by including your products in campaigns such as limited-time discounts, Lightning Deals, Best Deal and special deals. We manage the end-to-end process of planning, implementing and monitoring these campaigns on your behalf.

Amazon PPC Ad Management

We manage Amazon PPC ads, which is one of the effective ways to reach potential customers. We create advertising campaigns suitable for your target audience, optimize your advertising budget and increase your conversion rates. We regularly monitor and analyze the performance of product advertisements and continuously optimize them.

Data Analytics and Reporting

We offer data analytics and reporting services to understand your sales performance and determine your future strategies. We analyze sales data in detail, follow trends and provide you with detailed reports. Thus, you can better understand the performance of your business and support your decisions with data.

Customer Relations Management

Müşteri memnuniyetini en üst düzeyde tutmanızı sağlamak için müşteri ilişkileri yönetimi hizmeti sunuyoruz. Müşteri sorularına hızlı ve etkili bir şekilde yanıt verip şikayetleri çözüm odaklı yaklaşımla ele alarak müşteri deneyimini iyileştirmek ve sadakati artırmak için çalışırız.

Competitive Analysis and Strategy Development

We offer you strategic suggestions by closely following your competitors in the market and making competitive analysis. By constantly evaluating the performance of competitors, we try to optimize your pricing strategies and maintain our competitive advantage.

Amazon Vine Program

We deliver your products to selected customers through the Amazon Vine Program, promote your products at an early stage thanks to this program, and ensure that you receive valuable comments and feedback from customers. We register the product to the Vine Program, send the products to FBA warehouses, measure its performance with the comments from the right target audience, and increase the speed of sales.

FBA-FBM Warehouse Management

Thanks to our FBM warehouses in Europe and America, we can supply large products in terms of volume; We offer logistics & warehousing services at more affordable rates than Amazon FBA prices. We also manage your stocking, packaging and shipping processes using the Amazon FBA service. We take care of stock tracking and logistics processes for you by sending your products to Amazon warehouses. Thanks to our FBA-FBM warehouse management capacity, we are rapidly growing your sales while performing faster and more reliable deliveries.

Brand Protection with Trademark Registration

We help you protect your brand’s rights on Amazon. While performing the trademark registration process, we ensure that the fake products and copyrights are monitored, and we solve any problems you may experience during the process of your brand on amazon.

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