Baraz Soaps: A Success Story Bringing Nature's Healing Touch to Skin Care

Zeynep Gençer is an entrepreneur who took her passion for natural and sustainable skin care one step further and created the Baraz Soaps brand with pure and natural soaps produced from edible pure olive oil. Her story is an inspiring example of the power of natural products and how a vision can be turned into reality.

As a new brand, Baraz needed the right distribution channels to bring soaps to a wider audience. At this point, she decided to collaborate with MegaMerchant to successfully promote her brand on Amazon UK.

As MegaMerchant, we had the opportunity to manage the entire export process of Baraz Soaps under a single ecosystem. In this process, we followed the following steps:

  • Certification and Licensing: We received the RP (Responsible Person) assignment and CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) report required for Baraz Soaps to be able to sell in the UK. These documents guarantee that the products comply with UK standards.
  • Shipping and Storage: After completing customs clearance, we transported the products by road to our UK warehouse and then delivered them to customers as part of the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service with Amazon Freight. In this process, we achieved efficiency by reducing air cargo logistics costs by 50%.
  • Listing and Content Creation: We created a keyword strategy and prepared A+ content pages for successful listing of Baraz Soaps on Amazon UK. In this way, we aimed to attract the attention of customers by highlighting the prominent features and benefits of the products.
  • Stock and Order Management: As MegaMerchant, we have automated the stock and order management of Baraz Soaps with Propars integration. In this way, we made Zeynep’s business processes more efficient and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Launch Process with Amazon Vine Program: We launched products for Baraz Soaps through the Amazon Vine program. Inspired by the natural riches of the Aegean Region, these wonderful soaps received wonderful 5-star reviews from customers. These positive feedback contributed to the success of the brand and we accelerated the production process.

Zeynep Gençer said the following about the success of Baraz Soaps:

“MegaMerchant’s support is crucial to the growth of our brand. Their expertise and experience in implementing the right strategies at Amazon UK have helped us bring our brand to a wider audience.”

Zeynep Gençer’s story is a great example of how an entrepreneur can be successful at Amazon with the right partnership and support. With the increasing demand for natural and organic products, many entrepreneurs are able to expand and successfully grow their products in the global market. With the support of a professional team such as MegaMerchant, Zeynep’s Baraz Soaps brand continues to sell successfully on Amazon UK. You can also take steps to grow your own brand and write your story. You can contact MegaMerchant for the right partnership and support you need.

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