MegaMerchant x Eczacıbaşı: Selpak Meets European Consumers via Amazon Germany

Within the scope of the cooperation between Eczacıbaşı Tüketim Ürünleri and MegaMerchant, Selpak and Unibaby, one of the popular brands of Turkey, will reach consumers in Germany first, then England, America, India and China through eihracat with the MegaMerchant infrastructure. With this strategy, millions of customers, especially Amazon, Walmart and eBay, will have easy access to the products of Selpak and Unibaby brands.

Thanks to the listing, content, marketing and in-platform advertising management managed by the Propars infrastructure, product quality, supply continuity and competitive price policy will be presented together, and thanks to the integrated fulfillment infrastructure, orders will be processed on the same day and delivered to the customer in 2 days with low logistics costs. Thanks to this cooperation, we have had the opportunity to present Turkey’s quality and competitive products to the world markets.

In this journey that we will move forward with Selpak and Unibaby products, we will continue our efforts to open many Turkish brands to the world markets.

Join us on the journey of presenting Turkey’s quality products to the world markets, together with MegaMerchant!

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