A Cooperation Opening to the World from Bursa - MegaMerchant & MegaSan

MegaMerchant is a leading e-export company that brings local manufacturers and SMEs to a worldwide platform. In this success story, we will talk about our cooperation with the local manufacturer MegaSan in Bursa and the criteria we consider when choosing local producers.

MegaSan is a Bursa-based company specialized in the production of mattresses and poufs. While MegaSan successfully sells its products in the local market, it wants to overcome the difficulties in logistics, marketing and regulation processes in order to step into the global market.

As MegaMerchant, we pay attention to certain criteria in the process of cooperation with manufacturers such as MegaSan. First of all, the focus on product quality, sustainable production methods and customer satisfaction has made MegaSan an ideal business partner. In addition, the continuous, competitive and high quality products MegaMerchant seeks are a perfect fit with MegaSan’s product portfolio.

As MegaMerchant, we are working on the production of mattresses and poufs under our joint brand Dekorist with MegaSan. This cooperation has enabled MegaSan to step into the international market without additional investment or complicated processes. It has also created an opportunity to offer high-quality mattresses and poufs on major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. Products offered to MegaMerchant’s wide and diverse customer base quickly gained popularity and sales volume increased rapidly.

This collaboration has created a lucrative situation for both MegaMerchant and MegaSan. MegaMerchant has expanded its customer base and strengthened its brand image by offering quality and unique products. MegaSan, on the other hand, significantly increased its sales volume by gaining access to world markets.

This success story is a testament to MegaMerchant’s dedication to supporting local manufacturers and SMEs and bringing them to world markets. As MegaMerchant, we will continue to support manufacturers and SMEs in Turkey and to represent them in world markets.

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