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Would you like to sell on Ozon, Russia’s largest online marketplace? MegaMerchant helps you present your products to Ozon’s large customer base. Contact us to increase your sales and grow your brand in the Russian market.

Start Selling on Ozone

Do you want to deliver your products to customers around the world? MegaMerchant is the solution you are looking for, as ozone has a large audience! MegaMerchant offers a platform that enables brands and manufacturers in Turkey to enter the global market by integrating them with the world’s leading marketplaces such as Ozon. Take action with MegaMerchant to deliver your products to customers around the world on Ozone. By using our services, you can promote your brand in the international arena and expand your customer base.

Services We Provide
Russian Product Loading and Inventory Management

We upload your products in Russian on the Ozon platform and closely follow the inventory management processes with our professional team. We optimize the product titles, descriptions and keywords in Russian, adapt them to the needs of the local market, and increase the sales of the product by communicating better with the target audience.

Fulfillment Service

We perform operations such as the collection, packaging and shipping of orders on your behalf and ensure that the products are delivered to the end consumer quickly.

Russia Market Analysis

We analyze the Russian market on ozone in detail, follow the market trends, perform competitive analysis, and determine the most appropriate marketing strategies for the product.

Promotion Management

We help you effectively manage your promotions on the ozone platform. We support you to increase your sales and build a loyal customer base by creating promotional campaigns and offering discounts, coupons and other incentives through Stencils and platform campaign tools.

Platform Campaigns

We ensure that you get the maximum benefit from dozens of weekly campaigns organized on Ozon’s platform. We increase your sales by following platform campaigns, including your products in suitable campaigns, increasing your visibility and reaching more customers.

Customer Comment and Score Management

While managing customer reviews, which is one of the most important points affecting the sales of your products, at Ozon, we use the Reviews for Points program to encourage customer comments, to increase customer feedback and to strengthen customer satisfaction by providing discounts.

Russian Customer Support

With Russian customer support on Ozon, we respond quickly to customer questions, complaints or requests and provide communication in the local language. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strengthen your product’s brand image.

Product Optimization

In order to make your products more visible on the ozone platform, we constantly optimize products and use keywords correctly to rank higher in search results, optimize your product descriptions and make your images attractive, thereby increasing product sales potential.

Sales Reporting

We report your sales on ozone in detail and present it to you. We help you determine your future strategies by analyzing sales data and following trends. Thus, by optimizing your sales performance and maximizing the growth potential, we ensure that your product reaches its maximum sales potential.

Competition Analysis

We follow your competitors’ strategies and pricing by conducting competitive analysis on the Ozon platform, and we share with you the strategies or product recommendations that will provide you with a competitive advantage by using this information.

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