As MegaMerchant, we proudly and excitedly announce to you that we are Turkey’s first E-Export Consortium authorized by the Ministry of Commerce!

The Importance of E-Export and the Role of Consortium

E-export offers great opportunities for exporters by increasing their chances of competing in the global market. In order to further increase the export potential of our country and to ensure that Turkish products take more place in the world markets, the Ministry of Commerce offers new generation incentives to support e-export. This is where we, as the E-Export Consortium, step in.

As MegaMerchant, we aim to ensure that all the brands and manufacturers we work with benefit from the new generation e-export supports provided by the Ministry of Commerce in the most efficient way. In this way, we will contribute to our exporters’ products to reach wider masses, to gain more market share and to increase their export figures.

Incentives Provided by the Ministry of Commerce

E-export supports provided by the Ministry of Commerce are offered to enable exporters to be more effective and competitive in the global market. Thanks to these incentives, exporters can promote their products more easily in overseas marketplaces and digital platforms, reduce logistics and storage costs, strengthen their marketing and advertising activities, and export to more countries.

E-export supports include services provided in various fields such as digital marketplace promotion support, order fulfillment service support, e-export promotion support, overseas warehouse rental support and international e-commerce consultancy support. As MegaMerchant, we provide all the necessary support for the best use of these incentives and for exporters to grow their business.

Advantages of MegaMerchant and E-Export Consortium

In this exciting period when MegaMerchant is authorized by the Ministry of Commerce as the First E-Export Consortium, we enable our business partners to gain great advantages in their export processes. Here are the advantages that all our business partners who start e-exports with MegaMerchant can immediately benefit from:

  • Reducing Expenses: MegaMerchant significantly reduces export costs by providing support to its business partners by 50% in main expense items and up to 70% in target countries. In this way, you can increase your competitive power while performing your export processes at lower costs.
  • Order Fulfillment Advantages: MegaMerchant aims to meet your orders quickly and accurately by managing your logistics processes efficiently. Thus, while increasing customer satisfaction, you reduce your costs by optimizing delivery processes.
  • Ease of Integration: MegaMerchant provides easy integration with different e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, enabling its business partners to reach wider audiences in global markets. In this way, you can increase your export volume by offering your products to more customers.
  • Ad Support: MegaMerchant helps its business partners to be recognized and known in the international arena by providing advertising support. In this way, you can reach more potential customers and increase your sales and exports.
  • Commission Benefits: MegaMerchant helps its business partners to make more profit in their export processes by offering advantageous commission rates. In this way, business partners can realize their export activities with higher profit margins and reach their growth targets faster.
  • Experience and Expertise: MegaMerchant has many years of experience in the field of e-export and an expert team that knows the dynamics of the industry well. In this way, exporters can take place in world markets more effectively and quickly.
  • Close Cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce: As an E-Export Consortium authorized by the Ministry of Commerce, MegaMerchant works in close cooperation with the Ministry so that exporters can benefit from the incentives in the most efficient way.


If you want to take advantage of this great opportunity and increase your exports, you can take a stronger place in the global arena by taking advantage of the services offered by MegaMerchant. Working with us, you will have the opportunity to use the latest technologies, strategies and incentives in the industry for a successful e-export process. In addition, thanks to MegaMerchant’s strong business partnerships and logistics infrastructure, you can make your export processes more efficient and cost-effective.

If you want to expand your brand’s exports and benefit from incentives, contact us now and let’s grow together!

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