Start Selling on Jumia

Want to start selling on Africa’s largest online marketplace? MegaMerchant helps you present your products to Jumia’s large customer base. Contact us to increase your sales and grow your brand in the African market.

Start Selling on Jumia

Do you want to deliver your products to customers around the world? Because Jumia has a large audience, MegaMerchant is the solution you are looking for! MegaMerchant provides a platform that enables Turkish brands and manufacturers to enter the global market by integrating them with the world’s leading marketplaces such as Jumia. Take action with MegaMerchant to deliver your products to customers around the world on Jumia. By using our services, you can promote your brand in the international arena and expand your customer base.

We Provide You To Sell All Over The World!

We monitor product stock with our artificial intelligence supported technologies.

We Protect Your Brand!

You can start selling with your own brand or with our brands. We solve all the regulation processes in the brand process.

We Value Your Products and Your Brand!

With our experienced creative team, we offer product name and content optimization, photography, graphic design, video production and more according to the platform algorithm.

We Introduce Your Products and Your Brand to the World!

Our experienced ad management team introduces your brand to the world through the marketplace while increasing your traffic and sales with keyword automation, detailed campaign management, and advertising expertise.

We Are A Team!

Our data science team provides you with customizable reports with global omnichannel reporting, market share analysis, strategic recommendations. In this way, you can follow the growth of your product and brand.

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