T.R. Ministry of Trade E-Export Consortium: The Birth Story of the E-Export Model of the Future

MegaMerchant became Turkey’s first e-export consortium!

Inspired by China’s successful e-export model, MegaMerchant was officially launched by T.C. The Ministry of Trade became a cooperation organization. This success is not only the victory of us, but also of a wide ecosystem that includes stakeholders from many sectors such as technology, logistics, marketing and content production.

As MegaMerchant, it’s not just a company; We are a consortium, an ecosystem that mediates the sale of more than 150 manufacturers and brands in more than 50 countries, on 15 global platforms, especially Amazon. Together with this large and influential ecosystem, we are committed to transforming, growing, adding more value and broadening Turkey’s exports.

One of the main criteria behind our selection as a consortium by the Ministry is the size of our company’s export volume. However, more important is our knowledge and experience in e-export and the wide and comprehensive support we offer to manufacturers. As a team with experience and knowledge in e-export, we provide all the elements necessary to achieve success. In addition to this, we have the technical and operational skills needed in the export process, as well as a competent staff on the latest trends and practices in the field of e-export.

As the E-Export Consortium, we undertake important tasks. These duties include directing Turkish products to e-export, ensuring that our products reach foreign markets quickly, participating in sectoral trade and purchasing delegation programs, and promoting Turkish products in target countries and markets in line with the duties assigned by the Ministry.

Within the scope of the consortium, MegaMerchant offers incentives up to 70% in various areas from integration to logistics costs, from advertising to commission expenditures. However, this is only part of our incentive model. Our main duties and responsibilities are to be with everyone who wants to do e-export, to answer their questions, to find solutions to their problems together and to support them in the best way possible.

What are the advantages of working with MageMerchant?

  • International Market Reach: The MegaMerchant consortium helps brands reach potential customers around the world. It provides the opportunity to sell in more than 50 countries and 15 global platforms, especially Amazon.
  • Comprehensive Support: MegaMerchant provides technical, operational and strategic support to brands. This simplifies the e-export process of brands and accelerates their success.
  • Cost Incentives: Offers very useful incentives from integration to logistics costs, from advertising to commission spending. In this way, brands can get more profit by optimizing their operational costs.
  • Knowledge and Experience: MegaMerchant’s experienced and knowledgeable team provides brands with information on the latest trends and best practices in e-export. This helps brands gain competitive advantage.
  • Advanced Technology Infrastructure: MegaMerchant provides the technological infrastructure necessary for brands to sell in global markets. This allows brands to perform e-export transactions easily and efficiently.

As MegaMerchant, we are reshaping the e-export model and transforming and expanding Turkey’s exports, making them more value-added and expanding it to the base.

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